The safety of permanent magnetic lifters AUTOMAGNETE is not only due to the quality of the materials used but to the rigorous control every lifter is subject to after its assembly and before being distributed. After being carefully assembled, Automagnete magnetic lifters are tested by means of test bench certified by Accredia.

Each lifter must ensure a safety factor of 1:3 to be suitable that is, it must have a lifting force 3 times higher than the lifter rated capacity. The tests can be carried out as random test on a production batch, or with a previously determined frequency, otherwise upon Client’s specific request. For every test AUTOMAGNETE will issue, if required, the relevant Certificate.


AUTOMAGNETE DIVISION do not only manufacture magnetic lifters with high-quality materials but offer excellent service and maintenance to all their Clients / end-users. Magnetic lifters are exposed to wear and tear over time and it is important to carry out periodic checks to ensure excellent performances under conditions of total safety. Our technical staff is specialised in the control and test of components and control devices in order to ensure safety and the maximum efficiency of production and elimination of risks.

AUTOMAGNETE lifters are guaranteed for 5 years. The guarantee covers all material and manufacturing defects. Repair and/or replacement of defective parts will be carried out exclusively at our premises.